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Popular Detailing Service

Paint Correction - Restore and Protect

Paint correction is the reduction or removal of the number of imperfections in the paint surface layer. Machine application of varying grades of compounds using different pad combinations can result in a stunning transformation if your vehicle’s appearance. We offer a range of Paint Correction Services. Exterior decon snow foam & rinse. Hand wash. Tar removal/clay bar of paintwork. Single stage machine correction (light colours), dual stage (darker colours). Paint sealant applied 6mth protection. Why not upgrade your protection to a Ceramic Coating? Multiple Stage Correction available POA due to nature of this type of correction.

From $675 Single Stage (5hrs) , $950 Dual Stage (8 hrs) , Multiple Stage POA

Ceramic Coating

Sick and tired of polishing and waxing to try to keep your vehicle looking good? Talk to us about Ceramic Coating Paint Protection.The best Ceramic Coatings provide TRUE PROTECTION. World leading Ceramic Coatings that chemically bond to the paint surface. These protective coatings are extremely hydrophobic producing incredible water beading reduce environmental fall out. (Contamination from adhering to the paint surface). Dust blows off, bugs wipe off. Killer shine that lasts. Reduce maintenance cost/time. Even less maintenance as you are able to access our "Maintenance Service" to maintain this new found gloss. NB: As well as your paint work glass, exterior trim, wheels and brake calipers can all be protected.

From $1199 small, $1299 SUV, $1399 Large SUV, $1599 RAM1500. Includes 2 hrs of Paint Correction if required. Additional Paint Correction may be required.

Interior Protection

Fabric and trim protection. Complete interior seats, carpet, dash and trim. Leather, Vinyl and Fabric can all be protected with the latest Nano technology and high end protectants. A must for new vehicles.

From $450 New Vehicles (5hrs).

General Detailing Services

Mini Detail

Snow Foam Pre-Wash and pressure wash rinse. Hand wash and dry. Pressure wash door jambs, wheels hand cleaned, tires cleaned and dressed. Interior carpets, mats, seats and boot air pressure vacuumed. Interior trim wiped down. Glass clean interior and exterior. Application of a 3mth paint sealant for protection. Or upgrade to the Premium Mini for 6mth Protection.

Small $165, SUV $175, Large SUV $185, RAM1500 $195 (90 min ^).

Premium Mini Detail

In addition to our "Mini Detail" car will be snow foamed plus Lvl 1 decontamination to remove tar and tree sap and sealed with our Premium Silica based sealant. NOTE: shade or cover required in warmer temperatures.

From $285 Small - $315 Large (2.5 hrs ^).

Premium Detail

As per "Premium Mini" with the addition of carpet and seat shampooing. Internal trim clean and dressing. External trim clean and dressing. **Leather trim clean and dressing extra.

From $375 small, $415 SUV, Large SUV $475, RAM1500 $525. (3 - 4.5 hrs).

Presale Detail

As per our "Premium Service" with the addition of engine bay detail. **Leather trim clean and dressing extra.

From From $425 small, $475 SUV, Large SUV $525, RAM1500 $575. (4 - 6 hrs).

**Leather Trim

Leather clean followed by application of conditioner for nourishment and protection

From $60  (4-5 seat)   $90 (7 seat)

Maintenance Service

Exclusively for our Ceramic Coating Clients. Kepp your Coating perfoming at its peak. Designed as a maintenance detail on 2 weekly to monthly basis for regular service.

From $99. (45min - 1 hr).

Additional Services we provide

Motorbikes, Boats, Caravans

We also detail motorbikes, boats, caravans POA

Headlight Restoration

Dull, opaque headlights can be brought back to life with our restoration service. Looks better and lights are brighter.

From $149 ea. (1 hr per).

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